FG-1036 Ford Motorcraft Ford Motorcraft Fuel Filter

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Motorcraft fuel filters are designed to keep harmful particles out of the fuel system to help extend the life of a vehicle.
Why Buy:
-Every Motorcraft fuel filter delivers the quality and performance the Ford Motor Company is known for.
-Motorcraft filters are the only filters recommended for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.
-Helps prevent stalling, poor starting and potential engine failure.
-Helps improve vehicle performance by ensuring a uniform fuel flow.
-Helps block impurities and contaminants in your fuel or gas tank before they can enter your engine or clog your injectors.
-Flex fuel compatible where required
300-series stainless steel case provides excellent corrosion resistance.
-Removes 99.9% of particles 20 microns or larger.
-Connector and support washers are brazed for enhanced durability and strength.
-Thermal cycling testing done to ensure performance at temperature extremes from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
-Designed to meet strict SAE specifications.